Ice canoe can be physically challenging, depending on the effort one devotes to it. One hour on the river is more than enough for an initiation session to this exciting activity. Our experienced guides will adapt the excursion and the itinerary to the physical condition of the participants.  .


Each canoe will be equipped with 2 experienced guides and will accommodate 3 clients. An unforgettable journey over the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River awaits you. Each excursion will be unique as it will vary depending on factors such as river currents, temperature, and ice conditions. Before returning to the departure point, the canoe will pause on an ice field so you may savour the moment, the view of Old Quebec City and delicious hot chocolate while floating on the river. Your excursion will be filmed with a GoPro(R) camera worn by the skipper of the canoe. You will have the opportunity to leave with the video images of your experience on the St. Lawrence in the heart of Quebec winter..


- Neoprene sock

- Neoprene boots

- Ice crampons

- Personal flotation device

- Fully equipped canoe 


* A document outlining recommendations for appropriate clothing depending on the temperature will be provided to you upon inscription


The operation period varies from 9 to 12 weeks (63-84 days) depending on the winter, usually starting in mid-December and ending at the beginning of March. However the start date and end date are climate dependant. We are able to take reservations for the months of January and February, however we cannot guarantee the presence of ice on the river in the months of December and March.   


The departure and arrival location is at Anse Brown basin (bassin de l’Anse Brown). A natural slope from the shore to the water facilitates the canoe launch. A heated area for preparation and upon retour will be available for the clients.